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    Fashion magazine cover 101 The competition is down to twelve designers.Tim gunn takes them to the hearst towers which is spanking brand new and is the headquarters for all of the hearst publications including marie claire the one that nina garcia works for"The one that grabbed her and the judgeship on michael kors australia outlet pr from elle magazine.While there, the designers meet joanna coles who is the british sounding editor of marie claire and the boss of nina(Although it is really hard to imagine garcia as having a boss).She tells the group that they are going to be designing a cover for the april issue of the magazine with none other than heidi klum wearing their creation.They are told that outfits that make the cover need to be something that is eye catching because the average fashion magazine buyer will spend an estimated three seconds deciding on which mag they are going to buy.The rules are as follows:1, they dont like to feature anyone wearing black on the cover because they want color to catch the eye.2, Prints dont work well because they tend to clash with the article headlines used on the cover.3, The top of the outfit should be perfection and that the designer needs to be aware of where the magazine will crop a picture. Because the prize was such a big deal, there will be no immunity for michael kors online outlet the winner. Amy sarabi was the only designer to do a print and she even bragged a little about it in her producer lead interview.She thought the judges would acknowledge her daring since she was told not to do a print.The truth is that a designer trying to make a name for themselves should know better than to break a before stated rule.When you are on top of your game you can break the rules, but until then follow them.With that said, i liked her dress but she was never in contention for the win.She also had immunity from winning last weeks challenge. Ben chmura designed a dress that made it to the top three, because of its eye popping bold color combination.Although i can see why the judges liked it, but for my taste it was a bit too too.The way the designs were arranged werent appealing to me as well as the general shape of the dress.Further, i really didnt like how he had his model wear dark makeup and frizzy hair"Even the belt appeared to be too high wasted.Generally, if i saw someone walking down the street in this getup i would mumble the words of michael kors what was she thinking?Emilo sosa is on many lists as someone to watch out for as a finalist, which btw, the project runway bryant park show was last week.His dress seemed to embrace the goddess image that one may have of heidi klum, particularly when thinking about her career as a runway model for victorias secret.I liked the dress but wasnt bowled over by it.To his credit, when the judges wanted to see what the dress would look like without the straps, sosa broke out some scissors that he kept handy and chopped those dress babies right off.I dont know if that necessarily improved the look, but kudos to him for being fearless when it comes to a creation of his. To be honest, i dont know what janeane ceccanti was thinking with her bridal inspired mess michael kors handbags sale australia of a dress.In the last few challenges janeane has impressed me with some of her clothing.What further impresses me is that i had her picked as a designer that would be gone within the first few weeks because she was already crying during the first challenge.I want to write something glib like there is no crying on project runway, but most fans know that there is plenty of tears on pr otherwise it wouldnt really be about fashion if there werent any designers who were mean girls.There were elements of this dress that i liked, although the color is all wrong for a cover shot.I didnt understand why part of the hem of the dress went up in the front.Was that intentional or sloppy work?What was the deal with the elephant fairy shoulder straps?One thing i did appreciate about janeane was that she had it pegged correctly back at the designers apartments, both anna and she were in trouble. Like janeane, i dont know what jay sario was thinking with his dress as well.Listen kittens, if the wind is blowing just right i think that dress could really lift off"Much like sally field when she wears a nun habit.Judging by his sketch, it looks like he ran out of time before he could complete the dress.Although the design isnt really that hideous, the material which he used to make the dress just doesnt go well.Not only does it not have a color suitable for a magazine cover, it looks the type of cloth that is perfect for living room curtains.I also didnt like the deconstructed strap that resembled a dying overdone dance corsage.On closer inspection, even the bodice looks off on this dress.I think it is best to leave this look now. What was jonathan peters smoking when he came up with his outfit?Seriously, what were some of the designers smoking?Under no circumstances, except for some porn magazine, would this ensemble be considered cover worthy.If the task was to design lingerie than i think it would have been brilliant, but this was a top with no bottoms.Yes, i know for a cover that you dont necessarily have to have bottoms, but it would be nice to know that if one wanted pants they would be there for them. Maya luzs design didnt strike me as a total stink a roo when her model was marching down the runway, but damn, on closer inspection she might have been the one who should have gone.The construction of this dress is horrible.Seriously, it looks like it is about to fall apart where the different materials she used"It is the bermuda triangle of bad sewing.I dont even know how to sew, but i think i could have done a better job.Check out that collar!There is so much wrong with this dress that i think maya has fallen several steps down from my estimation of designer talent.

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