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    5 Tips on How to Shop at Garage Sales Weekend warriorsanyone who has ever been to a garage sale has seen them.They are serious shoppers who seem armed and ready to take on anyone or anything that comes between them and that surly stack of tube socks.Although most of us are just looking for a decent deal on decent merchandise, planning and preparation can prove valuable in getting the best bargains at your neighborhood sales. Whether you are a smart shopper looking for some great finds at bargain prices or a reseller trying to boost your bottom line, it is important to know how the rules of the garage sale game and how best to play. Tip 1 map it outthe last thing you want to do is waste time criss crossing town looking for various sales.Most garage sales are on saturdays although some actually start on friday.If you cannot go on friday, you might want to save the friday/saturday sales for later in the day since others will have already shopped there. Do not just rely on the local classified ads to locate sales.Many people now use craigslist to announce their sales.Be aware also that some people will see their neighbor preparing for a sale and just decide to have one too with no notice or announcement. Once you have compiled your list, use mapquest to map out the most efficient route to take to get to as many locations as possible. Stuff and suchwhat is your favorite thing to shop for at a garage sale?Clothes furniture toys shoes books antiques and collectibles dishes appliances home decor jewelrysee results without voting Tip 2 set your alarmhopefully you planned your route with the most promising looking sales first.Of course this will vary depending on what you are looking for.If you are hoping to find treasures of real monetary value, you probably want to go to the higher end sales first.You may not get as good a deal on items early on the first day of the sale, but it is better than walking past great items all with"Sold"Signs on them. The middle part of the day is best to go to lower end sales.The seller may be disappointed in his or her profit and be ready to deal. Late in the day can be a good time to go to larger sales where michael kors outlet online the seller is just wanting to get rid of items so they do not have to be dealt with.This is a great time to make an offer on large lots or bundles of items. Tip 3 be prepared buyer's remorse is not good when buying at yard sales and thrift stores.All sales are final.It is wise to set a budget of how much you want to spend before you head out for the day.Sometimes the thrill of the hunt is the most fun part of the experience.You may not need to spend much at all to have a successful day. Have a stash of cash.You will want quite a few michael kors bags outlet $1 bills.Sometimes a seller will be able to give you a better deal if they do not have to make change for larger bills. Additional basics of preparation: Bring snacks and a drink, but don't eat and drink at the sale itself. Don't ask to use the restroom at the sale. Avoid asking the seller to"Hold"An item for you. If you bring children along, keep them by you and under control. Take spare boxes, newspaper and bags with you in case you need to wrap up your items. Bring a magnifying glass in case you need to look at small markings on jewelry of flatware. Tip 5 be politeit really is true that you can catch more flies with honey.This is especially true when thrifting.Most sellers aren't going to say,"He is a real jerk.I think i'll give him a better price. "Be polite and respectful to establish a friendliness between you and the seller. Here are some important michael kors sale uk things to remember: Greet the seller when you first approach.You are a guest on their property. Say something polite such as"Nice weather for your sale today"Or"You have some nice stuff here. " Some buyers believe they can get a better price on an item by criticizing the item and pointing out all the problems.This is rarely a successful tactic.Instead say,"I like this jacket.Is this the best price you can do on it? " If there is a problem with the item, you can say,"I like this jacket but i noticed it has a small stain.Could you do a little better on the price? " If you need to check your smartphone to look up an item's value, be discreet.There is nothing wrong with telling the buyer you intend to resell an item, but they may not give you as good a price if they think you are trying to low ball them. Avoid asking for a lower price on items that are already marked low.You will probably get a better deal on something more expensive if you are not trying to pay.50 for a $1 purchase. You might want to ask questions about items, especially if they are from a collection.Show your interest.Then ask about the items you want to buy. The best transactions are those that are a win win for the buyer and seller. Why we love garage salesbe on the lookout for all kinds of great vintage and collectible items.Garage sales are fun because they give you a glimpse into other people's lives.You really never know what you are going to find.Who knows, you might find an interesting piece of valuable art or a gift to give at your next white elephant party.Be open minded and fair so that you can get the most from your shopping experience.

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